Our Services

We take care of the drafting of feasibility studies including economic, definitive and executive architectural design, structural design, conservation and restoration projects and consultancy also on restricted buildings, diagnostic investigations, offering technical support to companies, managing budgeting, works management and yard accounting. Added to this are the qualifications for the coordination of safety during the design and execution phase, as well as the qualification to perform energy certifications and ClimateHouse energy efficiency certification experts.

The tasks are carried out by addressing the entire administrative, technical and bureaucratic process, with preliminary, executive and integrated planning, works management, time and budget control established

We have always dealt with the management and coordination of all phases from design to construction, coordinating teams both in the design and execution of the works. The vast experience of the technical studio in the design of various types of interventions is fundamental in the drafting of metric calculations, for better forecasting and cost control.

Housing development plans, implementation, recovery and related urbanization works, consultancy and assistance with the various bodies involved in all the necessary phases.

Projects residential buildings, new and renovated with monumental and environmental constraints

Commercial and tertiary building projects

Projects for industrial, production and craft buildings

Public works design

Structural works projects and testing

Integrated design for complex works

Topographic surveys with total station, precision leveling and structural monitoring

Cadastral practices

Works management, assistance with budgeting and drafting contracts, executive projects, coordination of various professional figures for complex jobs, construction site accounting, appraisals, safety coordination

Technical assistance for preliminaries and deeds of purchase and sale, technical and documentary control of the properties being sold

Tax deductions for renovations, containment of energy consumption and energy efficiency, Bonus earthquake, bonus facades, subsidized VAT

Continuous technical consultancy and assistance to production sites, transformations and business expansions with study and programming of the various phases of industrial transformation.

Design and construction supervision of special systems for industries: electrical, plumbing, disposal of first and second rain water, water purification systems, smoke detection fire protection systems, etc.

Design and construction supervision of structures for special underground structures even in the presence of pitches, pre-cast waterproofing, Berliners, micropiles, poles, diaphragms